Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Connie - 1963 - Present

Here are some pictures I have had for a while of Connie.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jason Traweek 1977- Present

I hope that these don't cause any problems between me and Jason. He didn't make any threats about posting his pictures like Jamie. How could he anyway, these are some of the ones I picked as favorites.

Connie and I were teenagers when he was born. Jamie was almost 7. I used to get both he and Jamie ocassionally for the weekend after I was married to Paul. He was always hunting on weekends so this gave mom and dad a break but more so it kept me from being alone. I don't recall them staying both Friday night and Saturday night, although I probably wanted them to. I remember several times Jason realizing it was dark and telling me he wanted his mama and daddy. Jamie and I would have to think of something to keep his mind off going home.

He was our baby and I think each of us did everything we could to protect him. Jamie didn't see it that way for long. He was just mean. Taking Jason's "Rick Roy" and hanging it, picking at him about his teeth (before the braces) and I'm sure there were other things.

As they have gotten older, things have changed. They are now not just brothers but also friends.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Jamie Traweek 1970-Present

Ok, so its been a while and honestly its not because I've given up or anything like that. In fact, I've been collecting more family photos from a number of events throughout my life just to add here. This is going to take some time though. I must have 2000 ready to be scanned.

I did want to get back on today and dedicate a portion of this to someone I once helped take care of. Someone who needed his snotty little nose wiped, those awful dirty diapers changed, but most of all someone who always needed his big sister. And I'm not talking about Connie.

I'm talking about the oldest of my brothers; my little brother, Jamie.

I would have never even thought of doing anything like this had it not been for him texting me, Connie and Jason with a statement that read:

TO ALL THIS MAY CONCERN: There shall be no pictures of me or Twila (like that's a threat either) posted to FaceBook without the written consent of me first.....this is your only warning. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Well, little brother and dear sister-in law, before this happened,it was my intention to only post images that flattered each of you. How could you not trust me? I wanted to show handsome family pics, not all the ones that make us look as though we are new to civilization.

Since you thought so little of me that you thought you had to use a threat, well "game on." I hope you enjoy this. Take note: should you retaliate in any way that might cause embarrasment or harm to me, I will give this blog to everyone I know. Trust me, 10 years in telecommunications has introduced me to hundreds or possible thousands of people from all the U.S.A.